Position Different parts of the Universe as through a camera diaphragm, for some time otkryvayutksya, then are closed.

And such twenty seven diaphragms in a firmament open daily.

Via this channel living beings with a certain type of consciousness come here.

Position of planets displays their piety, a stock of their good or bad destiny.

It is curious that the administrative code speaks: that the child is the successor of property if it was acquired at the time of its conception, i.


the child in a womb of mother is considered the legal entity.

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When the right

When the right The exit of the right hand from water accompanies sya turn of a trunk to the left side, and an entrance towards the movement hands.

In swimming the crawl on a breast observes coincidence of workers peri od of the movement of the left and right hands.

When the right hand begins bases ny part of a grebk, left finishes it.

Breath in swimming by a crawl on a breast is closely connected with the movements heads, hands and humeral belt.

The breath is carried out with turn of the head Fig.

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One more example

One more example One more example the patient came to consultation to the psychologist, complaining of a depression, that pleases nothing her, inspires nothing and there is no wish to live, it has no aspirations, she feels despondency, melancholy, a dullness of everyday life.

The psychologist asked: And what you would like?

As if you wanted that people treated you?

What of your needs, requirements, desires satisfied?

And what I now could make in order that you were happy?

It is necessary to tell about it in detail.

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After ve Kami

After ve Kami Adriyenna Katts, writer and scientific assistant Recent changes how girls perceive sobst wine image, prove that when our views change on what have to be girls and boys, a deystvitel but their behavior and its results changes.

After ve Kami of little girls and their ability in society nedooyets nival, expecting much more smaller, than from boys, female bents now are considered important and valuable.

Strongly generalizing, it is possible to tell that for girls now action time telno the best, than for boys whether it is better now for women, than to men it certainly absolutely other question.

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That is, if the person

That is, if the person That is, if the person appears in a situation where around there is no toilet, it, at least, finds some subject, landshaftik which would protect it from eyes of other people, and on the other hand, protected people from a picture which they not really want to see.

In the same way politeness, and at least the minimum feeling of a step at manifestation of the dissatisfaction is a dzhentelkmensky way, so to say, in an emergency to show emotions.

Children study it, copying adults therefore when the father, having forgotten, a little bit rasslabivkshis at home, without any prevention, without having knocked, enters the room of the teenage daughter, very much often reaction happens rough.

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