When we force

When we force In nine years the boy or the girl already starts accepting more responsibility for the mistakes, and before parents have to or ignore them completely, or look how it will not seem, can be impractical or is frightening even, through fingers or to accept neutral situation in the relation of mistakes of the child.

When we force children to accept responsibility for the mistakes too early, they start feeling bad and unworthy.

Carried a strong basis of consciousness of innocence and natural ability of the child to selfgovernment there will be no ability of natural selfcorrection, there will be no possibility of development.

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I was frightened. The nurse

I was frightened. The nurse I congratulate all of you: all of you without exception champions.

Sincerely yours, trainer Bob Gordon.

We release children from roles Chapter Simple receptions I remember how my son David was born.

Passed five seconds from the moment of the birth, and it still did not begin dy to shat.

I was frightened.

The nurse clapped it on to back.

Any reaction.

Tension was the torturer ny.

She even told: What stubborn.

Still there was no movement.

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It will

It will We designated soft consonants shades of green color, because they soft, as green grass.

Soft breath consonants sounds light green color, therefore that deaf sounds easy and air, and light green the easiest and transparent from all green flowers.

Sounds we designated soft sonants circles dark green color because it is heavy, saturated, ringing color.

It will be necessary to make a set of the cutting alphabet also.

Wasps its novny feature that letters in it have to be different flowers.

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It is necessary

It is necessary When some exercise is made on an exhalation, watch, that this exhalation was sent to the teeth.

It is necessary to repeat each exercise no more than five times.

structures of speech bodies, Short bridle of language The bridle of language stretches at necessary length with the help special exercises.

If it very short on its extension enough time can be demanded can be, near three months.

for this purpose obstacle.

Sounds l, h, shch, t', d' it is possible to start putting, when a bridle not up to the end stretched, but already there is some rise up language tip.

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Jannie leaves, and it my best

Jannie leaves, and it my best Jannie leaves, and it my best girlfriend.

You noticed, how many thoughts and efforts to you demand sya to show to the child that you understand him chuv stvo?

Such words do not come to much of our mind, as: The sonny, you as though are angry!

; or It, probably, became disappointment for you; or Hm.

You as though had doubts, to go whether on this party; or Sounds as if I will really take you this homework shchat; or Oh, it, probably, very much upset you!

; or When the best friend leaves, it can do very much to afflict.

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