Perhaps Pat Elliot, psychotherapist Nightmares and night fright The imagination of the child happens quite terrible, and nurseries nightmares so bright that memories of OST of them yutsyatsya nearly for the rest of life.

Perhaps at you it will also not turn out them to prevent, but you can console and encourage the child that it would be simpler to it to forget about them.

Nightmares most often happen at children is more senior than three years, but can arise earlier.

There is a sense to reflect, not rasstra whether howl the child kakiyenibud circumstances or changes in the mode, whether frightens it chtoto in the bedroom children's in the obrazheniye is capable to turn habitual to a predma at night you in any gloomy and menacing beings.

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When you think, tell

When you think, tell And I can try to make a wish?

Of course.

When you think, tell only magic words: Miracles happen and right there your desire is fills.

But know, you you can think of only one laniye!

The boy said goodbye to the wizard and soon already went by bus home and reflected: It is necessary to think, that the grandmother you zdorovela!

Yes, but after all if I forget that it was made by the wizard, the grandmother again get sick ет?

Is not present, it is no good.

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Jane S. To understand

Jane S. To understand I had no having appeared at all the line about its feelings or the reasons for which it left.

That you hide the feelings, will not protect at all your children if they all the same have to deal with consequences.

Jane S.

To understand that want from it.

If you feel one, and speak those another, the child will intuitively catch this contradiction and not will know, on what to react: on your words or on feelings.

Request it seems: Give, darling, get down from grandmother's curtains said with a smile upon the face while you beginning to boil those, will only confuse him.

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Final statement

Final statement As the child is already able to utter this sound, big this task will not cause difficulties in it as it will check correctness of the pronunciation aurally.

Final statement of a sound with.

Let the child pull a verkhneyazychny sound with'.

It is necessary to substitute to a mouth a palm a little from below to feel on it the exhaled current of air slightly cool.

Lips have to be are extended in a smile.

During long pronouncing a soft sound with' vnima telno watching an air stream on a palm the child has to on sedately to round lips and, eventually, to extend them in I rub to flank, as when pronouncing public at having only left more wide opening.

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Alternative Then she called me to show that erased most part of lipstick.

I thanked her and gave it back pencils, and also paper, that it could use it when wants to draw.

Alternative to punishment I was so proud of myself, I even called svo to it to the husband for work to tell it that I a sda Lala.

Passed more than a month, and Marni since then does not draw on wallpaper.

Hardly I crossed a house threshold, having returned with last meeting as called me uchiteln tsa Donnie on mathematics.

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