But later, when

But later, when But later, when the child takes a step to cooperation and the happiness of that he sees that parents are happy with it, many times over follows a request or manual of parents, surpasses satisfaction from those bonuses which were promised it.

Thus, at all not the fact that will increase a rebeknok more and more rates each time, demanding from parents of compensation for its obedience, for its efforts or its followings roditeklyam.

Order And, at last, if does not work also this way of motivation, we pass to point D.

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Procedure This therapy especially widely it is applied to correction of consequences of a patrimonial trauma, treatments mechanical blood, muscular, skeletal, digestive violations which cause in kids sleeplessness and indigestion, and also for strengthening immunit that child.

Procedure of treatment is considered the safest and soft, makes the weakening impact on bolshin stvo of children.

The cranial osteopathy can be useful at: to sleeplessness / frequent prosypaniye; excessive crying; gripes; Healthy sleep concern/irritability; food violations; shock after vaccination.

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Here story

Here story It was happy with herself as told: And now I want to be moved away at you a bedroom.

Clearly I told, having rejoiced in soul.

Some parents opened for themselves that is possible to use a praise even in the most unpleasant to a sl teas when children made something that should not.

Instead of scolding children, they inspired them on the best, reminding them of last examples move niya, praiseworthy.

Here story of one mother: How to speak that children listened.

When Karen told me that lost the ticket on the subway and, in her opinion, it dropped out at it of a pocket, I first of all wanted to shout at it that it is inattentive.

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Instead of that

Instead of that Crossed fingers on good luck.

Parents told us that as soon as their children got used to the Solution method, they it is easier settled disagreements with the brothers and sisters.

For parents it was simply the award.

Instead of that to interfere, accept someone's party, to play role of the judge and to solve a problem, they claimed a cash chy problems also addressed it to those whom it the prinadl stings to children.

Here statement, which, appear, induced children to take the responsibility and time to biratsya in the conflicts: Children, it is serious problem, but I believe that both of you can discuss it and to think up the decision which will suit both of you.

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Very often

Very often By no means it is impossible to accompany the desire, the requirement to go to other room words it seems Think of the behavior.

Very often so becomes, such method is known to ourselves since the childhood, and we it apply to the children, first, not in correct nastroyekniya, and secondly, without due understanding that we want to achieve that has to happen to the child.

All of you know such method of punishment get up in a corner.

It is not obligatory to stand in the corner on knees and on peas at all.

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