Here their

Here their Here their examples: We with the husband wanted to have a sleep longer in a voskra to Senja in the morning, and our two children did not come to us, to wake us as they usually do.

When I woke up, I went to them and told: Brinn her six, you, probably, was very much it is difficult not to disturb mother and the father.

For this purpose it is required big will power!

Brinn answered me: I know that such will power!

It means, you you want to wake mother and the father, but you know, what not on to.

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The nature

The nature In Vedic cosmology even such category of living beings, maidens divine, that is the beings possessing all best divine qualities is allocated.

Man's and feminine The woman personifies the static beginning, that is stability, the man personifies activity.

The Zhenskky nature is compared to the Moon which force calms, cools.

The nature of the man is compared to Solnts.

Sil Solnts a creative, active, cheerful position which approves the person in life.

The woman's position pacifying giving calm, that is stability.

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Exit the great

Exit the great My purpose as author not to tell you what to do, and to wake in you feeling which will help you to define life priorities.

It can lead you to confrontation with surrounding society.

But, as the history shows, it often had positive consequences.

Exit the great three Yaselny leaving big business if it is reasonable to approach it.

He demands balance and correctly chosen time.

Those researches which we will investigate further, will show that children in the first three years of life are too vulnerable, demand individual care and all that it can offer.

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Your child

Your child If you gather to help the invited expert read all book for exception of the second and ninth sections.

Your child still had year perhaps, even half a year to school and defects of a pronunciation of sounds at it are already corrected or nearly are corrected.



violations of reading and letter dyslexia and dysgraphia.

At the broken pronunciation the child writes the same as speaks.

If the correct the pronunciation was put shortly before receipt in school, the child will write all the same as until recently said.

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Visit of a day nursery

Visit of a day nursery We will consider these decisions and we will weigh all pros and cons a bit later.

Now the main thing that you have a choice.

Visit of a day nursery in order that to be convinced, what they actually has to become your following most important step before connecting itself longterm obligations.

Forget about advertizing brochures, iridescent promotion and vigorous assurances of those who wants to convince himself that everything is fine.

As you should make the serious decision, you should check everything.

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