That the consonant

That the consonant The soft sound r' is said practically without vibration, odnoudarno if the child tries to keep vibration of language, a soft sound not it will turn out.

Explain it to the child.

That the consonant sounded softly, public and has to be maxi malno closed he should not remind a sound y.

If notice that the child says and as something between vowels and and y, suggest it to extend lips in very strong smile and completely to close teeth in the form of the correct bite.

When the syllable ri well turns out, pass to syllables re, rk, r ?

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You also

You also Watch the child, listen to him.

If ma lysh, seemingly, does not calm down, you talk to the tutor, yasnit in what there can be a reason.

To be upset normally, but if you know that between the tutor and the child is not present ho roshy contact, it is time to think of other option.

You also have to understand that other option can be necessary on to measure of a growing of the kid or if your circumstancesism nitsya.

Listen to that tell your heart and ra zoom they will prompt when it is necessary to change conditions.

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Being the child, I would

Being the child, I would Well, maybe, your teacher is able to read onki Thai, I am not able.

Being the child, I would feel: Prophecies You told lies to me about the estimates, isn't it?

You know, what will be when you grow up?

To you nobody will be ve to rit.

Continue to be the egoist.

You will see, anybody when does not want to play with you.

You will have no friends.

You constantly complain.

You never even py Talas to help itself.

I see you in ten years you will be tormented by the same problems, and you will be about to dolzhat to complain.

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Eventually, all parents

Eventually, all parents Irrespective of age parents can correct, eliminate these consequences, using abovementioned five positive methods of a roditelstvo.

Besides, too it is important to parents to remember, as they have the right to make mistakes.

Eventually, all parents try to fulfill the duty as it is possible better, proceeding from those opportunities, that understanding which they have, the life experience.

Switching The following type of reaction to lack of safety is a justification of the mistakes or that is called in the people, switching, that is, attempt to accuse whom that another that I made a mistake or what that offense.

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In it parakdoks

In it parakdoks They try to be born in conditions where there are any knowing people.

Having come, they induce parents to move forward though externally look simply small karapuzika, toptyshka.

In it parakdoks that though they have to be special, they look and behave, as ordinary children.

And unhealthy manifestation just in if the child, for example, bends spoons a look or thought moves subjects, as in the movie Matrix.

It everything circus.

Indigo children do not need such effects, they do not come here to arrange circus.

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