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Different parts of the Universe as through a camera diaphragm, for some time otkryvayutksya, then are closed.And such twenty seven diaphragms in a firmament open daily.Via this channel living beings with a certain type of consciousness come here.Position of planets displays their piety, a stock of their good or bad destiny.It is curious that the administrative code speaks: that the child is the successor of property if it was acquired at the time of its conception, i.e.the child in a womb of mother is considered the legal entity.

When the right

The exit of the right hand from water accompanies sya turn of a trunk to the left side, and an entrance towards the movement hands.In swimming the crawl on a breast observes coincidence of workers peri od of the movement of the left and right hands.When the right hand begins bases ny part of a grebk, left finishes it.Breath in swimming by a crawl on a breast is closely connected with the movements heads, hands and humeral belt.The breath is carried out with turn of the head Fig.

One more example

One more example the patient came to consultation to the psychologist, complaining of a depression, that pleases nothing her, inspires nothing and there is no wish to live, it has no aspirations, she feels despondency, melancholy, a dullness of everyday life.The psychologist asked: And what you would like?As if you wanted that people treated you?What of your needs, requirements, desires satisfied?And what I now could make in order that you were happy?It is necessary to tell about it in detail.

After ve Kami

Adriyenna Katts, writer and scientific assistant Recent changes how girls perceive sobst wine image, prove that when our views change on what have to be girls and boys, a deystvitel but their behavior and its results changes.After ve Kami of little girls and their ability in society nedooyets nival, expecting much more smaller, than from boys, female bents now are considered important and valuable.Strongly generalizing, it is possible to tell that for girls now action time telno the best, than for boys whether it is better now for women, than to men it certainly absolutely other question.

That is, if the person

That is, if the person appears in a situation where around there is no toilet, it, at least, finds some subject, landshaftik which would protect it from eyes of other people, and on the other hand, protected people from a picture which they not really want to see.In the same way politeness, and at least the minimum feeling of a step at manifestation of the dissatisfaction is a dzhentelkmensky way, so to say, in an emergency to show emotions.Children study it, copying adults therefore when the father, having forgotten, a little bit rasslabivkshis at home, without any prevention, without having knocked, enters the room of the teenage daughter, very much often reaction happens rough.

When we force

In nine years the boy or the girl already starts accepting more responsibility for the mistakes, and before parents have to or ignore them completely, or look how it will not seem, can be impractical or is frightening even, through fingers or to accept neutral situation in the relation of mistakes of the child.When we force children to accept responsibility for the mistakes too early, they start feeling bad and unworthy.Carried a strong basis of consciousness of innocence and natural ability of the child to selfgovernment there will be no ability of natural selfcorrection, there will be no possibility of development.

I was frightened. The nurse

It will

We designated soft consonants shades of green color, because they soft, as green grass.Soft breath consonants sounds light green color, therefore that deaf sounds easy and air, and light green the easiest and transparent from all green flowers.Sounds we designated soft sonants circles dark green color because it is heavy, saturated, ringing color.It will be necessary to make a set of the cutting alphabet also.Wasps its novny feature that letters in it have to be different flowers.

It is necessary

When some exercise is made on an exhalation, watch, that this exhalation was sent to the teeth.It is necessary to repeat each exercise no more than five times.structures of speech bodies, Short bridle of language The bridle of language stretches at necessary length with the help special exercises.If it very short on its extension enough time can be demanded can be, near three months.for this purpose obstacle.Sounds l, h, shch, t', d' it is possible to start putting, when a bridle not up to the end stretched, but already there is some rise up language tip.

Jannie leaves, and it my best

Jannie leaves, and it my best girlfriend.You noticed, how many thoughts and efforts to you demand sya to show to the child that you understand him chuv stvo?Such words do not come to much of our mind, as: The sonny, you as though are angry!; or It, probably, became disappointment for you; or Hm.You as though had doubts, to go whether on this party; or Sounds as if I will really take you this homework shchat; or Oh, it, probably, very much upset you!; or When the best friend leaves, it can do very much to afflict.


Pat Elliot, psychotherapist Nightmares and night fright The imagination of the child happens quite terrible, and nurseries nightmares so bright that memories of OST of them yutsyatsya nearly for the rest of life.Perhaps at you it will also not turn out them to prevent, but you can console and encourage the child that it would be simpler to it to forget about them.Nightmares most often happen at children is more senior than three years, but can arise earlier.There is a sense to reflect, not rasstra whether howl the child kakiyenibud circumstances or changes in the mode, whether frightens it chtoto in the bedroom children's in the obrazheniye is capable to turn habitual to a predma at night you in any gloomy and menacing beings.

When you think, tell

And I can try to make a wish?Of course.When you think, tell only magic words: Miracles happen and right there your desire is fills.But know, you you can think of only one laniye!The boy said goodbye to the wizard and soon already went by bus home and reflected: It is necessary to think, that the grandmother you zdorovela!Yes, but after all if I forget that it was made by the wizard, the grandmother again get sick ет?Is not present, it is no good.

Jane S. To understand

Final statement

As the child is already able to utter this sound, big this task will not cause difficulties in it as it will check correctness of the pronunciation aurally.Final statement of a sound with.Let the child pull a verkhneyazychny sound with'.It is necessary to substitute to a mouth a palm a little from below to feel on it the exhaled current of air slightly cool.Lips have to be are extended in a smile.During long pronouncing a soft sound with' vnima telno watching an air stream on a palm the child has to on sedately to round lips and, eventually, to extend them in I rub to flank, as when pronouncing public at having only left more wide opening.


Then she called me to show that erased most part of lipstick.I thanked her and gave it back pencils, and also paper, that it could use it when wants to draw.Alternative to punishment I was so proud of myself, I even called svo to it to the husband for work to tell it that I a sda Lala.Passed more than a month, and Marni since then does not draw on wallpaper.Hardly I crossed a house threshold, having returned with last meeting as called me uchiteln tsa Donnie on mathematics.

But later, when

But later, when the child takes a step to cooperation and the happiness of that he sees that parents are happy with it, many times over follows a request or manual of parents, surpasses satisfaction from those bonuses which were promised it.Thus, at all not the fact that will increase a rebeknok more and more rates each time, demanding from parents of compensation for its obedience, for its efforts or its followings roditeklyam.Order And, at last, if does not work also this way of motivation, we pass to point D.


This therapy especially widely it is applied to correction of consequences of a patrimonial trauma, treatments mechanical blood, muscular, skeletal, digestive violations which cause in kids sleeplessness and indigestion, and also for strengthening immunit that child.Procedure of treatment is considered the safest and soft, makes the weakening impact on bolshin stvo of children.The cranial osteopathy can be useful at: to sleeplessness / frequent prosypaniye; excessive crying; gripes; Healthy sleep concern/irritability; food violations; shock after vaccination.

Here story

It was happy with herself as told: And now I want to be moved away at you a bedroom.Clearly I told, having rejoiced in soul.Some parents opened for themselves that is possible to use a praise even in the most unpleasant to a sl teas when children made something that should not.Instead of scolding children, they inspired them on the best, reminding them of last examples move niya, praiseworthy.Here story of one mother: How to speak that children listened.When Karen told me that lost the ticket on the subway and, in her opinion, it dropped out at it of a pocket, I first of all wanted to shout at it that it is inattentive.

Instead of that

Crossed fingers on good luck.Parents told us that as soon as their children got used to the Solution method, they it is easier settled disagreements with the brothers and sisters.For parents it was simply the award.Instead of that to interfere, accept someone's party, to play role of the judge and to solve a problem, they claimed a cash chy problems also addressed it to those whom it the prinadl stings to children.Here statement, which, appear, induced children to take the responsibility and time to biratsya in the conflicts: Children, it is serious problem, but I believe that both of you can discuss it and to think up the decision which will suit both of you.

Very often

By no means it is impossible to accompany the desire, the requirement to go to other room words it seems Think of the behavior.Very often so becomes, such method is known to ourselves since the childhood, and we it apply to the children, first, not in correct nastroyekniya, and secondly, without due understanding that we want to achieve that has to happen to the child.All of you know such method of punishment get up in a corner.It is not obligatory to stand in the corner on knees and on peas at all.

Here their

Here their examples: We with the husband wanted to have a sleep longer in a voskra to Senja in the morning, and our two children did not come to us, to wake us as they usually do.When I woke up, I went to them and told: Brinn her six, you, probably, was very much it is difficult not to disturb mother and the father.For this purpose it is required big will power!Brinn answered me: I know that such will power!It means, you you want to wake mother and the father, but you know, what not on to.

The nature

In Vedic cosmology even such category of living beings, maidens divine, that is the beings possessing all best divine qualities is allocated.Man's and feminine The woman personifies the static beginning, that is stability, the man personifies activity.The Zhenskky nature is compared to the Moon which force calms, cools.The nature of the man is compared to Solnts.Sil Solnts a creative, active, cheerful position which approves the person in life.The woman's position pacifying giving calm, that is stability.

Exit the great

My purpose as author not to tell you what to do, and to wake in you feeling which will help you to define life priorities.It can lead you to confrontation with surrounding society.But, as the history shows, it often had positive consequences.Exit the great three Yaselny leaving big business if it is reasonable to approach it.He demands balance and correctly chosen time.Those researches which we will investigate further, will show that children in the first three years of life are too vulnerable, demand individual care and all that it can offer.

Your child

If you gather to help the invited expert read all book for exception of the second and ninth sections.Your child still had year perhaps, even half a year to school and defects of a pronunciation of sounds at it are already corrected or nearly are corrected..//.violations of reading and letter dyslexia and dysgraphia.At the broken pronunciation the child writes the same as speaks.If the correct the pronunciation was put shortly before receipt in school, the child will write all the same as until recently said.

Visit of a day nursery

We will consider these decisions and we will weigh all pros and cons a bit later.Now the main thing that you have a choice.Visit of a day nursery in order that to be convinced, what they actually has to become your following most important step before connecting itself longterm obligations.Forget about advertizing brochures, iridescent promotion and vigorous assurances of those who wants to convince himself that everything is fine.As you should make the serious decision, you should check everything.

But to all of them

A task of parents so far to zat them the correct direction and to pass on experience see below in frames ke When it is worth worrying.The child who gets confused in terrible lies, it is not doomed to grow the pathological at all liar; the child who hides in a sweater sleeve stolen Bang the knota from game Monopoly, does not become the swindler; kid, Awfully normal biting everyone, will not turn into the vampire.But to all of them nuzh but parental management and patience.And it is required to you chuvst in humour which will help with many situations to keep so qualities necessary for parents which are listed below.

It is that

It is that talent which psychologists of the last desyatilektiya, the end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty first extol as one of the most sublime skills, talents, it is possible to tell, in the sphere of communications, the sphere of communication ability to achieve such level of interpersonal communication, such level of understanding of people, such level of feeling of a step and ability to gain people which, eventually, will help to come to more favorable decision and higher achievements, than what was put initially by each of the parties.

If you want

For example: I see that to you is very cheerful to do patterns on oil by a fork.But it does not mean that you have to resolve re benka to behave in a way, inadmissible for you.From having set oil aside, you can tell yours to the young artist: Oil not for games.If you want lat patterns, you can use the plasticine.We understood that when we accept feelings of ours children, they easier perceive borders, which we for them we establish.Why the child should not give advice, when at it there was a problem?

Three types

Therefore we as parents, have to pay attention to the available data and, making any decision, to be guided by common sense.Three types of the child Some decades prior to the real disputes the separate amazing opening were made by doctor Mary Aynsvort.This name is widely known among experts in the field of children's psychology, but is absolutely unfamiliar to the public.M.Aynsvort belonged to generation of the pioneers studying children and mothers in the most remote and dangerous corners of the globe.

That the child

Calm and a consolation it that nuzh but to the kid to feel more surely and nezavisimo.That the child grew the happy Encourage him at the necessary moments.If the kid intends to make chtoto, on what, in your opinion, it yet not sposo bin, help him.However do not try to make it instead of re benka it is possible, he will surprise you and will achieve the desirable.If it obviously has no chances of success, perhaps, it will be better, if you suggest it to make chtolibo another.Improve art to distract.

Seeing result

Besides, liberal education sozkdat bad reputation to education methods in clemency.Seeing result of such education, supporters of strict measures of education speak: Look, this person grew up the loser or this person cannot construct the relations, or Your child is strongly spoiled, or It cannot accept responsibility in life.They use this argument to be approved in the correctness and in correctness of the method of rigid education.Often parents who are supporters of soft education, giving in to the child, indirectly let to it know that whims and requirements, that is, regional terror is the best way to reach the desirable.

Display of exercises

Give them special attention as to explain new exercises in water chrez vychayno it is difficult even for the reason that in it it is necessary to the child constantly to move differently he will freeze.Display of exercises on the land and in water has to precede them you to polneniye.The child has to see the correctly executed before exercise and then to repeat him.All material on.to training shares on two stages which consist from gradually becoming complicated tasks.At the first stage it is necessary to examine first of all with sopro water tivleniye depending on position of a body, rowing poverkhno sty hands and feet and speed of performance of movements education of feeling waters, Then it is necessary to seize such skills: Free movement on a reservoir bottom at a depth to hips or to a breast.

Even those

Healthy soy Many children become especially uneasy approximately at twomonth age of Izz of gripes see.Gripes in the head On trebnost of the child and your requirements and somewhere between seven for months and year, when they already rather adult, that consciously to resist a dream.Even those babies, which slept on envy to all parents earlier, during this period can often to wake up at night.According to support group Serenity, every third child regularly prosypa it etsyatsya at night at the age of months.

Be convinced

How to speak that children listened.Be convinced that your excessive enthusiasm a feather it sekatsya with desire of the child to reach something selfstanding telno.Sometimes constant parental agiotage or Gloux boky pleasure from occupations of the child vospr can to nimatsya as pressure.Child, which daily hears: You are such gifted pianist!It is necessary to you to play the Carnegie Hall, can think about himself: To them it is necessary more, than me.Prepare for action repetition, when you describe that the child does well.

We bear

It is useful to state the obvious that different people learn sya to different things with a different speed that at everyone is good on it luchatsya chtoto the and at anybody it cannot well turn out at once all.For the child it can be opening.We bear responsibility for explaining to the child that misunderstanding chegoto is part of training and that it is impossible to learn, without making mistakes.Parents and teachers also have to be rather adult, to speak: Oh, you did not understand it.

That the consonant

The soft sound r' is said practically without vibration, odnoudarno if the child tries to keep vibration of language, a soft sound not it will turn out.Explain it to the child.That the consonant sounded softly, public and has to be maxi malno closed he should not remind a sound y.If notice that the child says and as something between vowels and and y, suggest it to extend lips in very strong smile and completely to close teeth in the form of the correct bite.When the syllable ri well turns out, pass to syllables re, rk, r ?

You also

Watch the child, listen to him.If ma lysh, seemingly, does not calm down, you talk to the tutor, yasnit in what there can be a reason.To be upset normally, but if you know that between the tutor and the child is not present ho roshy contact, it is time to think of other option.You also have to understand that other option can be necessary on to measure of a growing of the kid or if your circumstancesism nitsya.Listen to that tell your heart and ra zoom they will prompt when it is necessary to change conditions.

Being the child, I would

Well, maybe, your teacher is able to read onki Thai, I am not able.Being the child, I would feel: Prophecies You told lies to me about the estimates, isn't it?You know, what will be when you grow up?To you nobody will be ve to rit.Continue to be the egoist.You will see, anybody when does not want to play with you.You will have no friends.You constantly complain.You never even py Talas to help itself.I see you in ten years you will be tormented by the same problems, and you will be about to dolzhat to complain.

Eventually, all parents

Irrespective of age parents can correct, eliminate these consequences, using abovementioned five positive methods of a roditelstvo.Besides, too it is important to parents to remember, as they have the right to make mistakes.Eventually, all parents try to fulfill the duty as it is possible better, proceeding from those opportunities, that understanding which they have, the life experience.Switching The following type of reaction to lack of safety is a justification of the mistakes or that is called in the people, switching, that is, attempt to accuse whom that another that I made a mistake or what that offense.

In it parakdoks

They try to be born in conditions where there are any knowing people.Having come, they induce parents to move forward though externally look simply small karapuzika, toptyshka.In it parakdoks that though they have to be special, they look and behave, as ordinary children.And unhealthy manifestation just in if the child, for example, bends spoons a look or thought moves subjects, as in the movie Matrix.It everything circus.Indigo children do not need such effects, they do not come here to arrange circus.

When the child

The sound pronunciation from it will become more exact.It is possible according to the picture to say a syllable sy.For specification of a pronunciation it is possible to offer the child more densely to press language to upper teeth.Further fix a sound in syllables sa, sy, se, with, sou learn to talk a thick mosquito.When the child unmistakably says a sound with, report to it, what sound he utters.WAY V.STATEMENT OF THE SOUND WITH FROM THE CORRECT SH The child has to pull a sound sh.


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